What Causes Hair Loss in Women

If you live in a house packed with women, it is impossible for you to not overhear them talk about their hair problems unless you were born deaf. Women would almost always complain about hair loss especially when they’ve just got out of the shower and see a handful of hair stands scattered all over the bathroom’s tiled flooring. As you can see, women pay too much attention to their hair as compared to men; to the point that they would actually splurge over expensive hair products just to make their hair look healthy and shiny.

Unfortunately though, hair loss in women is actually pretty common. Women today would want to know what causes hair loss so that they can find ways on how to avoid this. If you think that you are one of those women who have become exaggeratingly obsessed with your hair, then this article is for you. We will introduce you to the various causes of hair loss in women and we’ll help you find ways on how you can prevent this from occurring.

Hair loss or alopecia, as medical doctors would like to refer it to, is a problem that can greatly affect not only a person’s scalp but also all parts of your body that is capable of growing hair. The causes for such problem may vary, it could be because of heredity, it could be due to powerful medication and therapy or it could be caused by an underlying medical condition. All these contribute to hair loss. So before you go into fits of panic, ask your doctor about your condition so he can make a thorough and elaborate assessment of your health before you jump into conclusions. Normally, you lose over fifty to about a hundred hair strands per day but if you think that you are actually losing more than that and if you can already find bald patches on your scalp, don’t try to self-medicate. Immediately contact your doctor so that a diagnosis can be made and the cause for the hair loss will be addressed.

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