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Pest Control for our Roseville Home

It didn’t take us long after buying our new Roseville home before realizing we would need to hire Specialized Pest Control Roseville. We were doing some yard work when we discovered that the entire house was basically under an ant hill. It was disgusting! If we so much as left a potato chip out, we would have ants covering our kitchen floor.

We called Specialized Pest Control and they seemed to know exactly what needed to be done. From there on out, we never had to worry about ants. Now, Specialized Pest Control makes a visit to our home every week to patrol the area and make sure we don’t have any pests wandering around our property. So far, we’ve had absolutely no flare-ups and we are now three months ant-free!

I would recommend Specialized Pest Control to anyone worried about pests on their property. We also hired them to take a raccoon off of our property that we were afraid was going to attack our pets. They took care of it without a problem. Specialized Pest Control is awesome!

My Perfect Smile!

I think it’s important to know that I don’t think that perfection is something worth striving for, mostly because it’s impossible to achieve for a perfectionist like me. But when it came to my teeth, I only trusted All New Smiles to do any perfecting there. They are the premier cosmetic dentist in Piedmont and San Francisco, and I didn’t want anyone else to do the job.

What I liked about Josh Bernstein, DDS was that he really wanted to get a clear picture of what I wanted. A lot of other cosmetic dentists I met with had an idea of what they wanted, but didn’t really ask me what I wanted from my new teeth. They just told me what they would do, and that was that. I wanted a dentist (especially a cosmetic dentist) to hear what I was saying and try to get the look that I wanted.

Josh Bernstein YouTube.

So, when I finally had the procedure done for my veneers, I was more than excited to be able to have the kind of perfection that I was looking for my teeth. I wanted a look that went with the look of my face, my style, etc. And All New Smiles really performed for me!

Getting the Gold.

When I say “getting the gold,” I really only mean that figuratively. When I went to Oxbridge House, buy and sell gold in San Francisco, last week, I actually GAVE them gold in order to get cash. And, let me tell you, that was a great decision because I got a pretty great deal– the best in the entire city, I swear!

Believe it or not, I found Oxbridge House on Yelp because I was looking for the best place to buy and sell gold. And they were the only one with anywhere near the 5-star rating. All of the others had either not very many reviews or just had crappy reviews. I actually trust Yelp for most of the things I decide in the city!

And so, Yelp was right! I wasn’t sure that they would because I’ve never used them for a service-based listing. I usually only come to them for places to eat and sleep. But lo and behold! They were completely dead on right! I loved every minute of it! I was so glad I found Oxbridge House because they are the best!

Seattle Movers, Inc.

I thought that I could move all of my stuff by myself, but my friend laughed at me when I told her that. When she was done laughing, she finally gave me the number of Local Seattle Movers, ranked amongst Seattle’s Best Movers for 2013. She was laughing at me because I have a reputation for buying the heaviest furniture ever. She would know because she’s usually the one to help me get it in my apartment.

She knew that she would likely be recruited to perform a move for me too and she was not going to help me get all of the heavy things out that she helped me put IN. And I didn’t blame her. I realized that I do have a lot of wooden and metal furniture that would be hard to safely get out of my old apartment and into my new one.

Puget Sound Movers, a local Seattle mover, did a great job on my move. They were fast and they were strong. I think they were fast because they were strong. But, they were also fast because of the fact that they just knew all of the good techniques to move furniture. They were professionals, so much more than my friend and I!

Auto Glass Kings!

If you’ve ever gotten a crack in your windshield before, you understand that it’s not very fun to have to deal with. Especially because it means spending the time and money that you don’t have to fix it. Well, don’t worry any more: Precision Auto Glass, Sacramento Windshield Repair, changes all of that! Let me explain.

First of all, it’s more than likely that you won’t even have to pay for your windshield replacement or repair! Yes, that’s right, you might qualify for a FREE windshield. If you have car insurance, it’s more than likely that Precision Auto Glass, Yelp Windshield replacement profile in Sacramento, can work with you to ensure that you will don’t have to pay a cent because they are authorized to bill directly to the insurance companies.

Secondly, it’s pretty amazing how easy it is to get your windshield repaired! All you have to do is call Precision Auto Glass and they make sure that you will not even have to travel to get it done. They are a mobile service that can come to your home, office, wherever you need! Precision Auto Glass is reliable, fast and easy!

All Hot Air

I’ve been trying to find a reliable heating system repair company for a long time now. And finally I found Alley Heating & Air. I was really pleased because I was finally getting a chance to work with a company that actually knew what they were doing. Let me explain.

Most of the other companies I’ve worked with have been really unreliable. They either won’t call me back, or it take them days to make repairs that should only take hours. But when I called Alley Heating & Air, it was totally different. They were friendly and made sure that my heating was fixed within hours instead of days.

So if you want excellent and fast service, be sure to call Alley Heating & Air, Heating Repair Sacramento because they will sort you out. Whether you need your heating replaced or installed, or you just need repairs done, they are surely the best heating and air repair company to call in the entire Sacramento area!

New Windows in Sacramento

There’s something to the idea that all of us can make a difference. Even if it’s in a small way. The small way my family has decided to make a difference was by making our home efficient (with the help of American Windows Sacramento). Did you know that replacing your windows for energy efficient ones can cut down your energy use by 20%, and it can reduce your monthly energy bill by %13 per month!

Especially if you live in a city that has a lot of warm and cool weather, it’s important to make sure that your energy isn’t just going out the window, literally. See, we live in Sacramento and we have very warm summers and cold winters, so it really makes a difference when we are trying to heat or cool our home.

Ultimately, the reason we ended up getting new windows was because they were simply going to make our home look better too. We really cared about the energy, but that wasn’t the only benefit! We finally feel like even in a small way that we are contributing to the wellbeing of the environment and it feels good!

Business Therapy Solutions

If you are the owner of a small or large business, it can be extremely helpful to hire a psychological consultant or psychiatrist Sacramento for your team. Not necessarily for individual mental health, but for the growth and development of your entire team.

Empathy Therapy, a psychological health center based out of Sacramento, California, can do seminars to help your employees with conflict resolution, team work, brainstorming, and strengths/weakness analysis. This can be extremely helpful to your business especially if it is a collaborate environment, or if you would like it to be!

Businesses can truly benefit from having some consulting and instruction by a mental health professional because it will mean you will have less arguments and conflict, and your team will be able to communicate more effectively. This can absolutely affect your bottom line; consider hiring a consultant from Empathy Therapy to help you!

Short Sale

After looking for an affordable home in Sacramento for six months, I was sure we’d never find the perfect one for us. But them I saw an ad in the paper for Short Sale- Sacramento and decided it was worth a try. After coming back to the conclusion that it would be the better option, I hired them to find us a home.

And they worked tirelessly and endlessly to find us the house of our dreams, that just so happened to be a short sale home. Looking for Short Sale homes took even less time than I thought to find us a house. I figured it would be closer to 6 more months, but it was only three months before we found our dream house.

When the time comes, you should consider using Short Sale- Sacramento as a realtor because they cal sell houses for CHEAP. We got our current home for a third of the original asking price. It was simply amazing that we were able to get a house within a year that we really loved. Both of us.

Therapy for Keeps

The key to recovery is a dedicated and consistent one. Since I’ve been moving around a lot, I haven’t been able to keep the same psychiatrist. But when I moved to Sacramento and started going to Empathy Therapy, I decided to stay in Sacramento for a very long time because they were the best psychiatry office I’ve ever been to.

Not only did they treat me like an individual, they also made me feel like I was really important. They were genuinely interested in knowing what techniques work for me and and which ones didn’t. They weren’t going to force me to go with the techniques that I didn’t find were effective for me. They were really focused on making sure to listen to me and what I needed in a treatment.

Now that I have a consistent therapist Sacramento, I am planning on staying in Sacramento for a while, simply because I know that my health is really important for me. I am really glad that I can rely on Empathy Therapy because they are the best therapists I have ever worked with!

Gold for Sale

I had been holding onto my gold stash, waiting to find the right time to cash it all in when I heard about Oxbridge House. My friend has been going to them to sell his gold and to buy pawn items for over ten years! I’ve almost been friends with him as long, so I would trust anything he endorsed.

Finally, I went in to Oxbridge House’s Yelp Selling Gold San Francisco page to see for myself. And I was very impressed! It was a rather large facility and office, but it still felt comfortable and I didn’t feel like it was too big. The staff was very friendly, and the directed me as to what was the best payment options for me. I really appreciated their candor and honesty!

Even though I’m almost out of gold that I need to sell, I know that Oxbridge house is somewhere I can go in San Francisco to sell gold. The staff is competent, helpful, and gave me the best deal possible. I don’t trust anyone else with my gold selling needs!

Oxbridge House, Inc.
2115 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94109


Complaints Lead to Vending Machine.

After almost a year of hearing complaints from my employees that we didn’t have a vending machine at the office, I called San Francisco Bay Area Vending  to see if they could come up with a reasonable quote. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had affordable pricing and products I was really excited about.

Most importantly, I was excited that my employees would finally stop complaining. I couldn’t blame them, though. We are located in an area where there are not many food and snack options available So in order to get snacks or food, they would have to drive. Finally, I decided a snack machine would be worth it.

I almost wish I hadn’t waited so long! When San Francisco Bay Area Vending showed up with some excellent choices for snacks that were tasty as well as healthy! I didn’t feel guilty for fattening up my employees and they would finally be well-fed (and grateful).

Alley Heating & Air Saves the Day (and Night)!

Boy am I glad that I kept the number to Alley Heating & Air in my filing. I didn’t think I would ever need anyone to perform A/C repair in my Sacramento home, but on one of the hottest days in Sacramento, it went out in a blaze of smoke. Not really; it simply stopped working in the middle of the night.

Even that night, at like 2 am when the A/C went out, it was too hot! I began having nightmares because I was just so uncomfortable. I woke up sweaty and feeling crappy because I had such little sleep that night. Alley Heating & Air saved the day (and night), because they were able to come the very next morning to fix the broken A/C.

Now that my A/C is working properly, I feel so much better when I get home from work and can just totally veg out in the cool air and not have to worry about it being gross and sticky and hot. I do not do well in warm temperatures at all. I’d much prefer to be in the cool air than the heat, that’s for sure.

Clean teeth

I needed a new dentist in Carmichael and Fair Oaks areas and heard about My Tooth Spa. They offer teeth cleaning services and looked like a great office, so I gave them a call. They were able to get me in right away.

Their office is clean and neat, and the staff is very friendly. They took me back for my cleaning and the chairs were very comfortable. They let me know everything they were doing during the process and gave me tips on how to keep my oral health at its best.

I was very pleased with the service I received from My Tooth Spa and the great customer service. They have a great system going on and educated me on oral health. I’d recommend them to anyone!

Avoiding Foreclosure

Short Sale-Sacramento saved the day for us big time. We were headed towards foreclosure, and could no longer afford to make the payments on our mortgage. We called them as a last resort and couldn’t have made a better choice.

Doing a short sale, especially being a California resident, is a great option because once the home is sold, even if it sells for less than you owe, you don’t have to pay any of the remaining balance back. It gets dropped as a deficiency. It also allows you to avoid additional costs and penalties that come along with a foreclosure.

Whoever you lent the money from benefits from a short sale as well because they avoid some of those same fees and additional costs. With Short-Sale Sacramento, they help you figure out all of the details and get you through it. You don’t have to pay them either, they are paid by the bank after the deal goes through.

If you are facing a similar situation, just know you don’t have to go through it alone. Short Sale-Sacramento was there for me and helped me figure out that doing a short sale was a great option for us. I’m so grateful now that we went with a short sale, and it really helped me in getting my life back together.

Moving To Oakland For Mom

I looked on Yelp for a moving company and saw Golden Bay Movers. My Mom’s been having trouble lately and needed someone to take care of her. I’ve been living in San Francisco for a while now but decided it would be best if I moved to Oakland to take care of her for a while. With 5 stars and over 160 reviews, I knew they were the first place to call.

They scheduled the move with no problem. They are a great team and so personable. You can tell they’ve been doing this for a long time. They took great care with all of my stuff and were able to move it into my mom’s house with no problem.

I was able to point exactly to where I wanted them to put all the items. It was a bit of a balancing act, because we were adding my stuff to all of my mom’s things that already existed in her home, but they did an incredible job. They didn’t skip a beat. Would use them again in a heart beat.

Expanding Our Office


I was expanding my business and needed a new office space in Sacramento. CBRE is a local commercial real estate company that really helped me out. They found me the perfect spot for my new office space.

They knew just what I was looking for and showed me some great options that they had available. They have so many great spaces around the city. I checked out a few I was interested in and found one I loved, and it was as simple as that.

They took care of all the paperwork and details, and I was able to start moving into the space a month later. It couldn’t have been an easier process. They make it easy, and they have the best selection of real estate around. Easy choice!

Seattle Time

It was time to move out of my parents home and into the city before I started my first job. I was really excited about my new apartment and just had to find a moving company. I called Puget Sound Moving, Seattle movers, and scheduled my move.

They had no problem scheduling my move on they day I needed it. They also had no problem moving me out of my parent’s house, where they’d only be taking things here and there. They showed up and got to work.

I was able to just point to everything they needed to take. They were amazing! They are true professionals and made moving out so easy!

Managing Properties

I needed a company that could take care of all of my properties. I was using a bunch of different people and wanted to switch all my properties over to one property management company. I heard from a buddy about Vienna Property Management and gave them a call. Vienna Property Management operates in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, Rocklin, and Lincoln.

They are true professionals. They knew exactly what I needed and they provide great service. They let you know the state of your properties and keep everything extremely organized.

Now when I go out of town, I don’t have to worry about what’s happening back at home. They give me regular updates on how everything is going and treat my properties better than anyone else could. I’m so happy!


We were infested with crickets. I don’t know how it happened, but they started showing up and now they were keeping us awake at night. I had finally had enough and called Specialized Pest Control who offers pest control services in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, and Elk Grove.

They came out that same day and took a look at the problem. They determined where they were coming from and how to prevent them from entering. They also treated the house to prevent further ones from showing up.

We are now cricket and critter free. They really take their job seriously and have a great system. I couldn’t have asked for better service and they’ve made a huge difference!

Moving Out

I was finally getting married and my wife and I bought our first house together. I had been living in an apartment downtown and needed to find a moving company to move me into our new house. I called Puget Sound Moving, a local Seattle moving company, and scheduled my move.

They were amazing to work with. They made sure all of my stuff was well taken care of and property packed up. You could tell they’ve been doing this for a long time.

They got all my stuff down to the truck and on its way in no time. At the new house they put everything where I told them to, no problem. They were patient and worked really hard to make sure I was as happy with their job as possible. My Seattle Movers were great!

Shining Bright

I needed a whiter smile. I’ve always had trouble keeping my smile white and have tried everything possible to keep them an acceptable color, from strips to toothpastes. I can’t imagine how much money I’ve wasted on all of that, because none of it ever lasts. I went in to My Tooth Spa in Fair Oaks and Carmichael for my regular cleaning and asked them about their tooth whitening services.

They offer Zoom!, which is currently the best tooth whitening process around. It only takes a few hours and is over that same day. I signed up to give it a try. They use lasers to get your teeth stained back to a natural, white color. I couldn’t believe the difference when I looked in the mirror.

My smile was so much whiter, and it hasn’t faded. I’m so happy with the service I received and it’s made a huge difference in my life. I look younger and feel so much more confident when I smile. I love the way I look!

Paying The Bills

I was short on money this month and wasn’t sure how I was going to pay the bills. There was a lot happening and I wasn’t getting as much work this month, so I didn’t have the cash I needed to get by. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do and didn’t want to fall into a hole. I had heard about Same Day Title Loan, they have a location right by me in Sacramento, so I decided to stop by and see what they could do for me.

They have a great system working over there. They explained everything to me and I was relieved to find that they would work with me regardless of my prior credit history. I got all of the information I needed and it was an easy choice to make. All I needed to do was show them my ID and give them my title. I would be able to drive my car around the entire time and got the title back one the loan was over.

I made it work that month. I walked out of there with the cash I needed in my hand and was able to stay on my two feet. I don’t know how I would have done it without Same Day Title Loan. I will be recommending them to all my buddies who get into a tight spot in the future.

A Close Call For A/C

On an especially warm day this spring, we turned on the air conditioner only to find out that it was broken. Luckily, we called Alley Heating & Air of Sacramento and they were able to come right away to have it fixed. We were pretty happy that we realized it in the spring when we didn’t quite require an air conditioner before the Sacramento summer set in.

We have used Alley Heating & Air in the past, which is why we were keen to use them again—they did a great job fixing our heater last winter. We really liked the swift and efficient service we received from Alley and when we find a good company, we generally stand by them for years.

Working with Alley Heating & Air has been no different because we consistently get great service from them and never feel cheated on the price. Even in the middle of the cold or hot season, I we have still felt that we got great service from them.  Alley Heating & Air is an air conditioning and heating repair company we know we can count on.

We are so glad that we found the problem with our air conditioning problem in the middle of spring rather the middle of the summer. If you’ve ever spent a summer in Sacramento, you know that it can be quite uncomfortable to deal with the 100+ degree weather. It’s not humid at least, but it’s still a pretty intense heat.

Thanks to Alley Heating & Air, I feel completely prepared for the scorching summer. We know that our air conditioner will not need to be repaired when the heat comes in around May and June. But if something should go wrong, we will know just who to call!

The Books

I manage a non-profit in the area and we just expanded into a new office because we’ve experienced serious growth over the past year. Growing is super exciting, and we love what we have been able to accomplish, but the financial needs of our company have grown as well. We quickly realized we needed someone to help us out with all of the books. e-Office Team is a local company that serves fellow small businesses and non-profits for their bookkeeping needs. Bookkeepers in this area are hard to find, especially ones that only cater to small businesses and non-profits. I loved this aspect because they truly understand what our organization is all about and the unique structure of it.

I met with them and we devised a plan. They had some incredible ideas for how to structure everything in the company as far as finances go, and I hadn’t even realized half the things they told me existed. It was great to have professional help and know we were in such good hands. They took care of everything and got it all under control. Everything was so organized! I couldn’t believe the system they had come up with and how efficiently it worked for our particular system of business.

We are so grateful to e-Office Team for the work they have done for us so far and continue to do. Our non-profit has benefited so much so far from their services, and we look forward to all they will continue to do for us in the future. They are a great team to work with and have truly made such a big difference in the way we operate!

New Home!

ATK Team found us our dream home. We just moved to the Sacramento area with our family of 5 and had only a month to find a house. We heard about ATK Team and were impressed with how knowledgable and thorough they were. They didn’t waste our time and only showed us houses that met our exact specifications. Having 3 kids and a dog made it tough. We wanted a fenced in yard, and also wanted to be placed in a great school district. On top of that we wanted a nice house that we could live in for a long time and that was newer.

They found us a few homes that met all of our expectations, some even went above and beyond what we had been thinking we could afford. We were so pleased with what they had found for us, and it didn’t take long for us to decide on the right one. We ended up choosing an incredible home in a great neighborhood and in a school district that was perfect for the kids. The house was only a few years old and had all the upgrades we had been hoping for.

The members of ATK Team and true professionals and helped us out when we needed them. No matter what realty needs come our way in the future, whether we are moving to a new home or selling our old one, we will definitely be using ATK Team and recommending them to evryone we know!

Yellow Jacket Invasion

I was starting to see a few Yellow Jackets around outside our house and started getting nervous. I was trying to look around for where their nest was but hadn’t seen it yet. I have two young boys and didn’t want them getting stung while playing out in the yard, so I decided we should get professional help.

Specialized Pest Control of Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom and Elk Grove, has a great reputation around town and has been around a long time, so I decided to give them a call. It turns out they offer their first service for free! That was an added bonus I wasn’t expecting.

They searched around and began treating the house. They found 3 nests! I couldn’t believe it. They were hidden well which is why I hadn’t been able to see them. I can’t imagine what we would have done if we’d gone all Summer with those nests still in tact. They got rid of the nests, and got rid of the problem. Now I can feel good about my boys playing out in the yard!

Switched Dentists In Roseville

I was looking for a new family dentist for us in the Roseville area because we had been all over the place but wanted to start using the same dentist as a family. I heard about Roseville General Dentist from a friend and decided to try it out myself first before I switched the whole family over. I went in for my standard tooth cleaning and was immediately sold, just after walking in the front door.

The office is kept up very well and is orderly and clean, and just a relaxing environment. The staff was extremely friendly and booking an appointment was a breeze–not a nightmare like other places where you end up sitting on the phone for 10 minutes every time. Once I was taken back they were very informative. They treated me like I was their most important customer, with extreme respect and friendliness. You can tell they truly care about you on an individual level.

I received a great, thorough cleaning and they explained everything to me about the current state of my oral health. They gave me tips on keeping my teeth in the best possible shape to last me until I came in for my next cleaning in 6 months. I couldn’t have asked for better service and there’s no question this is the best place in town for me to switch my family over to. I will be scheduling all of our appoints at My Tooth Spa from now on!

Loan Just In Time For Family

My air conditioner blew up right at the height of Sacramento summer, but I wasn’t sure I could afford to get it fixed. I had family coming in town the next week, so I knew I had to do something. I went into Same Day Title Loans of Sacramento and Roseville and they were able to help me out. I took the title to my car as well as a valid for of ID, and I walked out with the money I needed.

I was able to get my air conditioning fixed right away, and even had some money left over to spend on making the house look nice before my family got there. It was the first time they had come out to visit me since I moved all the way from the east coast, so I’m glad they’ll be seeing my place looking it’s best. I can’t imagine if I hadn’t had the air conditioning fixed when they came in!

Not to mention I was able to buy a futon, so that everyone had a place to sleep. I was ready to sleep on the floor before I got my loan from Same Day Title Loan. I get to keep my car during the loan too! After I pay back the loan in full I will get my title back from them and be on my way. It was just what I needed and saved me when I was in a tight spot. Now I can enjoy the time I get to spend with my family!

Window Heaven

If you’re living in the San Jose area and need new home windows, I have just the place for you– California Window Masters. They totally hooked me up and transformed my home. It was one of the last things we did during our remodel and it turned our house from looking drab and boring to fabulous. They have great options for windows and sell all the main, popular brands you’ve heard of and in every different size you could ever need.

A major bonus is the amount we will be saving on our energy bill each month. Remodeling your home in San Jose gets expensive, so it’s nice to know that we’ll at least be saving money on energy costs now! The windows we ended up choosing look amazing on the house and truly did transform it. It’s crazy what a big difference something like windows can make. Everything looks fresh and brighter. Not to mention there will no longer be steamed up windows throughout the house every time it rains.

The service and installation was top notch and California Window Masters was a great company to work with. They also were able to offer us a great deal on top of their already competitive prices. They’ve been around for a long time and it shows–they really know what they are doing. Our windows look awesome, are easy to open and clean, and we just couldn’t be happier!

My New Office Vending Machine

I own a small business in the San Francisco Bay Area Vending Machines and was looking for vending services for the office, but I needed something affordable. I heard about Corporate Cuisine from a friend and when I learned more about them, I loved that they were a fellow small business like me. They also offered just what we needed at a cost I could afford.

They have brand new equipment with the latest vending technology backed up with 24-hour service should you ever need anything. They service the machines once a month and bill you accordingly each month–it’s simple and easy.

The products they offer made the choice especially easy. They have a variety of healthy choices which you don’t always find with vending machines. I know my employees will be grateful to have this new service. We are starting out with just a food vending machine, but in the next few months I’m planning on getting a drink machine from them as well.

I received great customer service and they made everything so easy. I would recommend Corporate Cuisine to anyone looking for vending services in the Bay Area!

e-Office Team Took Care of My Small Business Bookkeeping Needs

My small business grew a lot this year, and I knew I was going to need some serious help with my bookkeeping. I was looking for someone who understands what it means to be a small business and the specific needs I have as a result. I heard about e-Office Team through a friend and was happy to find that they were a local Sacramento & Roseville company.

I received a free quote from them and was pleased with their reasonable rates. They came up with a strategy and plan for my company that was very specific to our individual needs and wants. They work with a lot of other small businesses and non-profits as well, so they really knew what they were doing and had some great ideas for my company.

They let me know that my business and I are important to them and they truly do care about the success and proper functionality of my business. It’s such a relief to know all of my bookkeeping needs will now be taken care of. It’s a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders, and I’m completely confident that I made the right choice going with e-Office Team! e-office Team also provides Quickbooks Bookkeeping Services in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom and El Dorado Hills.

Brunch and Vino at Rendezvous Winery

I have girlfriends from all over California, and when we finally found a date that would work for all of us to go wine tasting, I knew I was going to take them to Rendez-vous Winery Sacramento. Many of them have been to fancy and famous places for wine tasting like Napa and Italy, but I wanted to show them the quainter, more personal side of local wineries.

We arranged for a limousine to pick us all up from my house and we went to brunch, followed by a nice wine tasting at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg. We went to Fox & Goose for brunch where we started with some mimosas and a hearty breakfast—we knew that we would need some serious sustenance if we planned to have a fun girls day of wine tasting.

Getting a limo was a great idea because we didn’t have to worry about who was going to drive—we didn’t have to worry about driving after going wine tasting and that was really nice for a change. When we got to Rendez-vous, all of the girls knew why I had chosen to spend so much time at that particular winery. First of all, the wine was delicious. Secondly, it was amazing that we got to try other things as well.

In addition to the lovely wine we tasted at Rendez-vous, they also gave us samples of olive oil and balsamic vinegar—the two of those things being our favorite things to munch on. When we go to restaurants together, we always ask fore more of the following: wine, bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

This was a fantastic day and spent with some of my favorite people on the planet. The good folks at Rendez-vous made the whole things even more enjoyable because they made the day an experience. I don’t get to see those girlfriends very often anymore, so it was great to show them around my home turf just a little bit.

The next time I go back, I will buy even more wine than I did before. Mostly because since there were so many of us, I could hardly fit the whine in the limo that I bought that day!

Moving from San Francisco

When I was accepted into a medical school in Vallejo, California, I knew that I would probably need to move closer to campus. I hired a moving company based out of San Francisco because I was moving from the City to be close to my medical school in Vallejo. I was excited to be starting a new adventure, but also nervous because it would mean that I would be leaving my friends and fancy-free lifestyle behind in the City.

Hiring Golden Bay Movers of San Francisco was great because I hardly had to even lift a finger. I am fit and in shape, but it was nice that I didn’t have to round up a bunch of friends to help me move quite a long distance and probably for more than one trip back and forth. I hate helping people move in San Francisco, so I know that it would be hard for me to get other people excited about it too.

It was actually just a huge stress relief not to have to move myself. Obviously I had to pack up boxes, and I did that with the help of my girlfriend. It’s so much more fun to pack when you are having fun with someone you care about. I never thought moving could be fun, but I’m not mad about it!

Golden Bay Movers SF was really great and I especially appreciated that they were punctual and hard working. I never felt like they were slacking off and it always seemed that they were friendly to both myself and my girlfriend. They got the job done I one trip and loading and unloading felt like a breeze.

I am so glad this was an easy process, and I’ve never felt better about making the choice to hire a mover for my move to Vallejo from San Francisco. I am grateful to have my girlfriend’s help and excited that I was able to make the move and transition smooth for both of us. She lives in Walnut Creek, so it’s not too much farther away, either.

Thanks to Golden Bay, I am ready to start medical school and ready to start a new chapter in my life.

Hiring Vienna Property Management in Citrus Heights

Once I hired Vienna Property Management Company as my property manager in Citrus Heights, being a property owner has never been more carefree.

Although I started out with a small portfolio, I began investing all over the greater Sacramento area, largely in Citrus Heights. Over the last few years, my portfolio has grown significantly, but so has my workload. It wasn’t easy for me to admit that I needed help, but I was just becoming so stressed that I knew I needed to find a solution to my property management problem. The problem being that I didn’t have enough time to manage them on my own any longer.

Once I hired Vienna, however, I felt that I had a much greater grasp of my schedule and my workload. I immediately felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders because Vienna was going to handle the day-to-day tasks of owning and managing property in Citrus Heights.

I am so happy that I found out about Vienna Property Management online because I had never thought about talking to anyone about helping me manage my property. I always knew that I would have to find a better solution for time management than I do now, but it was hard for me to make a decision about what I was going to do.

Once I hired Vienna Property Management to manage my properties in Citrus Heights, my life felt so much less crowded and stressful—it was worth every penny to me!

Good v. Great, My Favorite Dentist

The truth of the matter is, a great dentist is hard to find. I was lucky enough to find My Tooth Spa in Carmichael after not much trouble at all. I’m not saying that there aren’t any good dentists in Sacramento, I’m just saying that there aren’t many GREAT ones that I’ve come across. I guess it’s hard to have an excellent experience with a dentist, but with My Tooth Spa, I’ve never been happier with my choice in dentist.

Over the last few years, I’ve had increasingly good experiences with the dentists and staff at My Tooth Spa. They have shown me that they care about my dental and oral health, but they also just care about me. I have had dozens of lovely interactions with the staff at My Tooth Spa and I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else for dental work.

A few years ago, I started going to My Tooth Spa because I needed a cavity filled. I had just moved to Sacramento and was basically narrowing my search of dentists to a five-mile radius of my house. I spent some time researching, but ultimately landed on My Tooth Spa because they had the nicest office and were the closest to my house. I really didn’t have any expectations for the event. But I did think that possibly I might have found a dentist that would last for a while.

But the first time I went, I was blown away! They were really friendly and customer service-oriented and I felt that they did excellent work for me. I saw that they offered Invisalign treatment. I had always wanted to straighten my teeth, but I didn’t have the money or the time to do so. With Invisalign, I can take the inserts out if I have a special occasion or something. I am really excited that I will finally be getting my teeth straightened. It will definitely be a long time coming.

I was worried that I wouldn’t find a good dentist when I moved to the Carmichael area. But I am so relieved to not only have found a good dentist, but a great dentist in My Tooth Spa!

WIndows, and Shower Doors Too!

Replacement Windows Sacramento sells more than just windows. Don’t worry, I didn’t know that either until they did our windows and asked us if we were looking to get new shower doors installed. And in fact, we were looking to get new shower doors because ours needed some serious TLC. And by “TLC,” I mean they needed to be completely torn down and replaced.

American Windows Manufacturing quoted us on the spot after just having finished the bow windows in our dining room. Normally, I don’t like to be up-sold, but this time we were actively seeking someone who would do our shower doors for us. And we already liked what American Windows did for us, so we figured it was the easiest way to make sure we got new shower doors sooner than later.

We didn’t even know that American Windows installed shower doors, but after we looked at their website again for design ideas, we really should have known. There are all kinds of references t shower doors, but we were looking for windows at the time—we didn’t even think about it.

We had American install shower doors in our guest bathroom, master bathroom, and also in the pool house. Pretty much all of the shower doors were over 15 years old and were starting to mildew pretty badly. We had already been putting it off for a long time.

So they installed frameless shower doors in all three, because it would last a lot longer without any hardware and we wouldn’t risk getting tired of the color of metal we chose. The last shower doors we bought were gold in color, and we couldn’t stand them. And we knew that we would likely get tired of whatever color we chose this time, so we did away with metal altogether.

The shower doors they installed were really nice and made our bathrooms look updated without having to spend a ton of money on them. I mean seriously, they looked so good, we wondered why on earth we would wait so long to have them redone.

Now, it doesn’t matter because we have bright and shiny shower doors that will last us (hopefully) for years to come. Though, I am pretty sure we won’t tire of them because they are pretty darn timeless. Even my mother-in-law thought so, and she’s hard to please.

Finding The Perfect Vacation Home in Maui

Maui Real EstateLooking for adequate Maui Real Estate was harder than we thought. Although the market isn’t what it used to be and there are a lot of properties being foreclosed on, we were stilling having a hard time finding the sweet spot of affordability, location and size. At this point, we had been doing most of the searching for a vacation home ourselves, using realtor websites and internet listings. But when we were having a hard time coming close to our dream home, we decided we needed professional help. We found The Smith Team, who specializes in Maui Real Estate, online while we were doing online searches and decided to hire them to help us find our dream Maui vacation home.

What we liked about The Smith Team was that they were a family business made up of a father, his sons and his daughter-in-law. We appreciated that not only were they a work family, but they were also a family, and we trusted their family with ours. We also liked how simple their website was to use, and how easy it was to look for new house simply on their website. But it’s hard simply to look online. We knew that we needed a real-live realtor to help us. And with their experience in the Maui market, we knew The Smith Team would be able to help us find the perfect place for us to buy a vacation home in Maui.

We told Ken that while we liked the more desolate parts of Maui that weren’t as tourist-y, we did want to be in a hub of activity. We knew this would mean that we would possibly need to pay more money for less house, but we were willing to go with that. We were used to living in Los Angeles, and felt it would be too much of a culture shock to be out too far from a bigger city on Maui. Maui is already pretty small, and Lahaina is closer to a town than a city, so we felt that area would suit us better. Plus, if we ever needed to get out of the crowd, we could take a day trip anywhere we wanted. It was just important for us to be close to great restaurants and shopping. Those are the things that drew us to Maui in the first place.

So The Smith Team showed us a variety of homes and condos in our price range. The more we looked, the more we were sure that the first home they showed us was the one we were going to go with. The first one they showed us was a condominium that was located just a few blocks from central Lahaina. While we were originally looking for a house, the condo grew on us because it was very modern and ust a five minute walk from everything we wanted. We loved the idea that we would only have to walk a few minutes to dinner every night and even less to go to the market. It was perfect for our needs.

Now that we’ve spent some holidays and summer months in our new Maui home, we are so grateful that The Smith Team was able to get us the best Maui real estate we could have ever asked for. They found something perfectly suited to our needs and desires!

On the Search for a Sacramento Dentist

women smiling with great teeth in SacramentoRecently, I had the daunting task of searching for a new dentist Sacramento. When I got a new job, I also got new health and dental coverage. This was great and my job was a big promotion for me, but I wasn’t excited about the fact that many of my healthcare providers could no longer take my insurance. My main physician was still able to take me, but I lost many of my specialty doctors as well as my dentist. I wasn’t especially attached to my old dentist, but I was rather attached to the fact that I didn’t have to find a replacement for her.

Like most of my decisions, I knew I was going to make this one based upon the research I did online. Any more, I felt that businesses that were attractive to me had an online presence. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a colorful and animated website, I just wanted to confirm that they were working in the 21stcentury.

In my preliminary I found several dentists I probably would have been happy with. The dentists were well-trained and their offices seemed to be new and well-done. The main reason I chose one over the other was based on location. The dentist I chose was called Ultimate Dental Group, and was exactly between my work and home, so that no matter where I was, I wouldn’t be too far away. I choose my doctor the same way and ended up being very happy with him.

So I called Ultimate Dental Group and made my initial appointment to get a dental exam and get my teeth whitened. It had been a little longer than six months since my last appointment, so I was overdue for a tooth cleaning.

When I arrived and told them my name, I was treated very courteously and felt very welcomed by the staff. I am not usually very picky about staff, but I admit I was impressed with them. I was expecting some apathetic teenager to be the receptionist, but it was actually a very professional young man who had great phone etiquette and was very friendly.

Once I was seated in the dentist chair, my experience only improved as time went on. The dental hygienist did a good job cleaning my teeth and didn’t poke and prod too much and my x-rays took next t no time at all. When it came time to meet the dentist, I was worried that if I didn’t like him, it would be all for naught.

But I was lucky because the dentist at Ultimate Dental Group was just as awesome as I expected. He was nice and gave me excellent news that I was cavity free. I was almost sad that I wouldn’t be back for another six months, and that’s not even because I got a new toothbrush!

Wine Tasting in Sacramento Between Sisters

wine tasting photo with red wineI don’t get to see my sisters very often because we all live in different cities. Granted, we all live in Northern California, but it makes it hard to coordinate time together between the three of us. I live in San Francisco and my two sisters live in Fresno and Stockton. Most of the time they come out to visit me in the City, but because both of them have kids now, it’s gotten harder and harder for them to come my way. This time, we decided we would go wine tasting together. My youngest sister Nora did some research online and found a great place called Rendez-vous Winery where we could all meet up and do some wine tasting in Sacramento together.

In an email, she sent me the website for Old Sugar Mill, which is located in Clarksburg, California. For me, it would be about 2 hours away, but for my other sisters it wouldn’t be as far, which was a definite plus. After browsing the website for a while I also found that not only is Old Sugar Mill a winery, it is home to eight different wineries. This means that we’d have all kinds of wine tasting to do all in the same place. And after I looked at the website, I called by friend Julie who lives in Sacramento and goes wine tasting quite frequently. She recommended Todd Taylor, Rendez-vous Winery and Elevation Ten. But she also said that all of them were great wineries and that we couldn’t do any wrong there.

Although I was a bit skeptical about a winery in the middle of nowhere, I became pretty excited about it because I was hearing so many great things about the winery. I even visited Yelp to see what other people were saying about Old Sugar Mill, and everything seemed pretty consistent with what Julie had told me about it.

The day we decided to go wine tasting ended up being a gorgeous fall day—and luckily my other sister Andrea brought her nice camera. It was great to get a few photos of all of us together on a rare occasion. And we were even more blown away when we walked into the building and started our wine tasting.

After having been to Napa and other Bay Area wineries on the regular, I was impressed by the tasting fees. They were either free or a very small amount. Most of the fees were waived if you purchased wine. And since I generally like to take home souvenirs when I go wine tasting in Sacramento, I ended up bringing home 4 bottles!

The wines we tasted at each winery were extremely different. Todd Taylor had some spectacular reds and Rendez-vous had some fantastic whites! As an added bonus, Rendez-vous Winery also makes olive oil and balsamic vinegar (my absolute favorite). I had such a great day with my sisters enjoying wine,  enjoying food and enjoying each others company.

Finding A Gentle Dentist in Carmichael

Gentle Dentist women smilingRecently I have been doing a lot of research on dental care. I wasn’t especially happy with my current dentist, so I was looking around for other options. What spurred this on was a conversation I had with a friend wherein she told me that many dentists have different focuses and philosophies. I had never thought about that before, because I had been going to the same dentist almost my entire life.

During the conversation with my friend, she told me that many newer and more modern dentists focused on a more gentle approach to dentistry. Though I still didn’t know what she was talking about, I decided to look into other Carmichael dental offices. Maybe I wouldn’t look for “gentle” dentistry, but I was open to a different approach. My dentist in Carmichael had been around for decades, and as far as I know, hadn’t changed anything about his practice. I liked the idea of keeping up with modern practices and techniques, and this was something I hadn’t even considered.

So upon her recommendation, I decided to try her dentist in Carmichael and Fair Oaks at My Tooth Spa. It sounded a bit hoity-toity to me at first but I went because I wanted to have an open mind so that I would best find what worked best for me. I didn’t have any specific dental issues, I just went in to the office to basically see what else was out there and perhaps get a thorough cleaning of my teeth while I was there.

Immediately upon entering the office, I felt relaxed; the atmosphere was just very calm and cool. My other dentist’s office hadn’t been renovated since the 70s, so it was very harsh and cold in the office. I did like the staff at my other dentist, but already I knew I was going to like it here.

My intuition about it turned out to be dead-on! The staff was incredibly welcoming and courteous. They made sure I had fresh reading material and water, but I wasn’t waiting long in the waiting area. I received prompt and wonderful care from the hygienist and felt very taken care of by the dentist. I was seen by a female dentist, and I really liked her energy and the way she related to me. I felt very comfortable with her.

After only going to My Tooth Spa once, I knew I wanted them to be my regular dentist. The office was very nice and I just felt like it was the place I needed to be. Sometimes you just have to trust your intuition.

When I left My Tooth Spa, I saw that they also do Invisalign, which I was always curious about. I was excited to have the opportunity to ask more about it when I came in next!

Bathroom Replacement Windows and Shower Doors Finally Got Our House Sold

My husband and I are trying to sell our house. A five bedroom, four and a half bathroom nightmare. It’s actually not that bad, it’s just that with all of our kids out of the house and the fact that it is in desperate need of a remodel, it is a little high maintenance for us. We were reluctant to spend thousands of dollars to refurbish our house if we didn’t need such a large space. Even if our kids came back from the holidays, it still wouldn’t justify the big house for just the two of us.

Initially, when we put our home on the market, we weren’t getting any offers. I mean none. Our realtor told us that if we wanted to sell our house at the price we wanted, we would have to make some improvements. Among other things, we needed to remodel our bathrooms. The house had been built in the 1960s and almost nothing had been replaced, including the glasswork in the bathrooms. We would probably need to retile everything, but one thing we hadn’t thought of was replacing our shower doors.

Of course when our realtor recommended it, we immediately realized that we should have done it years ago. The glass and surrounding hardware were old and damaged, aging our home even more. So we got a referral from our realtor for D & D Windows Sacramento to provide replacement windows and frameless shower doors. They were able to come immediately for a quote and commence work on the project within the next two weeks.

We initially only contracted them to complete work on our master bathroom, but once we saw the work they did, we had them come back to finish the rest of the house. Their work was great, but they were also affordable, which was important because we hated the idea of putting a great deal of money into a home we were just going to turn around and sell.

In most of our bathrooms, we elected for frameless shower doors because they looked modern and sleek and would probably remain in style for the next ten years. Especially because we were selling our house, we didn’t want to get anything customized. For the master shower, however, we got a chip top shower door because we had heard it was growing in popularity and would make the bathroom look expensive. Once we got our new shower doors and finished remodeling the bathrooms, we were almost sad when we got an offer on our house.

I honestly think that if we hadn’t invested in remodeling our house, we wouldn’t have sold our house for a price we wanted. When we moved out of our home, we were proud of what we had accomplished. We left memories behind, but we also left our mark on our home.

Why You Should Move to Encinitas

Encinitas City Limit SignThis charming coastal town is popular for its laid back and mellow atmosphere, making it a very appealing location to purchase real estate in San Diego County. Encinitas is home to some of the most popular beaches and is the favorite of avid surfers and tourists. It offers fine dining and business areas as well as beautiful living spaces and homes we would be happy to introduce you to.

Close to other San Diego favorite spots like Oceanside and Carlsbad, Encinitas is the perfect place to purchase a home in this market. In addition to being close to the beach, Encinitas has inland appeal as well, featuring beautiful homes in the areas surrounding the coast.

One of the largest cities in San Diego County, Encinitas has both inland and coastal appeal, stretching along the coast and the East toward Escondido. Although its fine dining and lovely shopping areas draw many to the area, it’s beaches are what many come to Encinitas to enjoy. Moonlight State Beach and Cardiff are favorites for surfing, sunbathing and other recreation.

Encinitas is a favorite for those purchasing real estate because it features some of the most beautiful homes in the region. Located near Carlsbad and Oceanside, Encinitas is a part of thriving community, perfect for relaxed Southern California living. And the proximity to the beach cannot be beat!

If you’re considering buying a home or condo in Encinitas, contact Encinitas’ number one real estate broker, Coast and County Homes. Not only will Coast and County Homes help you find the perfect home, but they will also charge you a flat rate, ensuring you save money on your most important investment (your home).

Vienna Property Management Offers Reliable Services

Sacramento's premier property management companyI own several properties and have always managed the properties myself. I never found it to be too much of a problem as investing in properties was my full time job. Since I didn’t work, I had plenty of time to manage my own properties. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I decided to look into using a property management company. I had finally gotten to the point where I just had too many properties and didn’t have the proper infrastructure to keep up with the maintenance and vacancies. My properties are in the Sacramento area and expand to Roseville, Rocklin, Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Folsom and Lincoln.

To delegate my property management obligations, I used the internet and cross referenced each company with their existing clients to make sure they were capable of managing my properties appropriately. After doing my research, I decided to work with Vienna Property Management. Vienna Property Management already had properties in Roseville, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Lincoln, and Citrus Heights. Since they covered my area, I new they would have the infrastructure in place to adequately handle my properties.

After talking to the owner Scott, I new they were right for me. Vienna Property Management was able to manage my homes and transition the properties without any hiccups. Vienna PM is currently taking about 10 percent of the total gross monthly income, but in return they can provide exceptional services that I am unable to do as there are simply too many properties. Since I own 33 homes and condos in Roseville, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rocklin, and Sacramento, there is just no way I can effectively handle the needs of each tenant.

Vienna Property Management is definitely worth the price they charge me. I now can collect my rental dues without having to deal with tenants or maintenance. Yes, I don’t make quite as much since Vienna took over, but the free time they’ve given me is worth every penny. I now have time for vacationing with my family without having to worry about emergency house calls. I can also do anything I want during the day, and now I can continue to speculate on real estate investments knowing that I no longer have to worry about management. If the property is for sale at a good price and there is the potential for a nice return on investment, I know I can buy the home and just have Vienna Property Management handle the day to days.

Vienna PM has their main office in Rocklin CA, but they service the entire Sacramento El Dorado and Placer areas. If you own properties near them, I strongly recommend using their services.

Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Sacramento and Roseville countertop remodelServing Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Rocklin, Countertop Designs, Inc. is an award-winning countertop manufacturer that can help modernize and beautify your home without spending more than you can afford. In fact, Countertop Designs works within your budget to create a custom creation for your kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Countertop Designs has over forty years of experience in the countertop industry, and is continually updating their equipment to ensure a quick and easy installation. The technology they use allows them to perform the majority of the work outside of the client’s home, minimizing the disruption of the client’s everyday life. They also perform all of the work in-house, eliminating the need for subcontractors, which can become complicated and inconvenient.

In addition to specializing in custom designs for the home, Countertop Designs offers a wide selection of engineered and natural surfaces. Their knowledgeable staff can help you select the product that would be best for your design and functional needs. They also offer are granite remnants, which are a popular and economical alternative to full stone slabs.

Countertop Designs offers an array of stylish options to choose from, and is happy to help their clients every step of the way. Especially because each and every project is unique, they understand the importance of keeping in touch with their clients throughout the process.

Some of their best sellers include leading granite and stone producers such as Silestone®, Cambria®, Caesarstone®, DuPont™ Zodiaq®. They also have a 36,000 square ft. showroom/warehouse where any number of designs and products can be viewed. Deciding on countertops can be stressful, which is why their showroom is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Any number of their available staff can guide you through the process from selecting the best stone for your kitchen or bathroom to creating a detailed installation plan.

Countertop Designs has been doing business for so long as a result of heir dedication to a lasting and quality product while entirely customizing every design to the client’s specifications. Not only does Countertop Designs have a positive relationship with their clients, they have also been recognized by some of their vendors. This year, Countertop Designs was awarded an “Excellence in Service” award by the Consentino Group (the producer of Silestone®) for being the top ten fabricators by volume in the nation.

With its reputation, experience and excellence in design, it’s no wonder that Countertop Designs, Inc. is the premier choice for custom countertops in the Sacramento area.

Why My Most Recent Trip to Hawaii Wont Be My Last

Wailea BeachA few months ago, I went to Maui with my family. It was supposed to be a vacation, but it turned out to be anything but. The word vacation means, “to vacate,” or leave your life for a little bit. But while I was in Maui, I didn’t feel like I left my life behind at all, on the contrary, I felt alive in a way I never have before. By the time I left, I knew that that trip would be the last time I would vacation there because I wanted, more than anything, to go back and stay forever.

I had been to Maui and a few other Hawaiian islands before, but no trip has ever had quite the effect that this one did. Having lived in Los Angeles for the past three years, the fast-paced lifestyle of an urban city had taken a toll on my mental and physical well-being. In fact, I was so busy ay my studio job, I almost didn’t make it on the trip. I honestly believe that if I didn’t get on that plane to Maui that day, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Arriving in Maui almost immediately lowered my blood pressure and made me feel at ease, something I didn’t always get producing a fast-paced television show. Our first stop was Wailea Beach because we were staying at the Four Seasons nearby. Though it was crowded, there was something vastly different about the beaches in Hawaii that the beaches in LA. For one, even the tourists were more relaxed, and there were no director look-alikes pacing the beach trying to get cell service. The people at the beach were carefree and having a great time. Even within the first few hours or arriving in Maui, I could feel a change in my countenance and the way I felt.

Another experience that made me fall in love Maui was our trip to Hana. It was a few hours away by car, but the drive was absolutely breathtaking. I could imagine myself going for a long walk or run at any number of places along the 52-Mile Road to Hana. And I just loved the small town of Hana for its beautiful beaches and lovely hikes. I knew that I probably didn’t want to live in Hana, but I certainly wanted it to be a part of my life forever. Although I was looking to simplify my life, I knew that moving directly from LA to Hana might be a little too much of a culture shock.

When we visited Lahaina, however, I knew that was the place I wanted to live. Lahaina is vibrant and cultured, yet still embodies the island lifestyle I dreamed of having. The restaurants were amazing and the community felt like it was thriving. With art galleries and shopping lining the streets, I could imagine myself going for a stroll along the water or stopping for a coffee at one of the local cafes. Although I planned on earning most of my income from various freelancing jobs, I also planned to work at one of the shops nearby to give myself a chance to assimilate into the island culture.

After my trip to Maui, I knew my life would never be the same. I’ve lived in Lahaina now for a little over six months and I truly feel like I have added years to my life. I am a more active person and I feel deeply connected to the people, places and culture around me. I love my life in Maui, and I love my life in Lahaina.

Finding the right San Diego Movers

My Encinitas HomeI recently moved from Pacific Beach, a coastal community in San Diego, up to Encinitas. This was my first real move post college. I’ve been in the job force now for about 3 years, but up until a few months ago I was still living with my college roommates in a beach town. I guess I just wasn’t quite ready to let it go. Since my living situation didn’t change after college, my bills stayed the same, but my income increased. This allowed me to save for a down payment on a home.

After saving for a few years, and looking for homes for sale, I knew moving to Encinitas was going to be my destination. Upon finding multiple homes and putting in multiple offers, I finally settled on a short sale. Although it took over a year to get, counting the time I initially started looking, the wait was well worth it. Encinitas is a beautiful coastal community in North County San Diego, and offers all the amenities one could ask for, with the beach only minutes away.

So after I purchased my home and had my move in date, I next needed to find a suitable moving company in San Diego who could move my belongings safely and at a price I could afford. I looked at multiple moving companies I found online, read their reviews, and got numerous quotes. Some were good some were not. One company that stood out was Manpower Movers. They specialize in San Diego moving and have the ability to move high end homes like in Encinitas, Carmel Valley, and Rancho Sante Fe. What stood out to me though was their eco crates.

Manpower Movers San Diego offers eco-crates that their customers can use in place of boxes. They deliver the eco-crates free of charge and drop them off at your house before the move. They even pick the eco-crates up after the move without any hassles. You simply leave the eco-crates outside your residence and they swing by and pick them up. What makes the eco-crates so appealing is that they eliminate waste and help the environment.

Manpower Movers also offered me a not to exceed quote. That meant if anything went wrong they wouldn’t charge over a set price. Fortunately, nothing out of the ordinary happened. The move went smoothly, and the movers were efficient, clean cut, and very polite. When I’m ready for my next move, or my upgraded primary residence, I’ll definitely give Manpower Movers a call. They also provide long distance moves so even if I move across the country, they can handle it. Manpower Movers is my first experience with movers, but they made a great impression on me. I strongly encourage anyone who is moving in San Diego to give Manpower Movers a call. They get an A in my book.

Choosing Invisalign

Couple smiling with InvisalignWhat if you could straighten your teeth in a non-evasive, affordable way without looking like a teenager or simply covering up over your existing teeth? My Tooth Spa of Fair Oaks and Carmichael says, if you have been looking for a way to improve the look of your smile without paying a fortune and having to install hardware into your mouth, Invisalign may be the perfect teeth-straightening option for you. Like other straightening systems, Invisalign straightens your teeth over time, but unlike most of them, it is virtually undetectable and completely removable. Especially if you are an adult who wants to improve their smile, Invisalign is probably the best option for an active lifestyle. While having metal braces can limit your diet and activities, Invisalign offers freedom and comfort.

It may seem silly to put so much emphasis on improving your smile, but not feeling comfortable with your smile can have detrimental effects on your quality of life. You should smile confidently and freely. If you are not confident about your teeth, your lack of confidence may bleed into other areas of your life. Invisalign offers the perfect solution because it doesn’t interrupt your smile while you are improving it. Invisalign is about the same price as metal braces, with the added convenience of only having to visit your orthodontist or dentist every four to six weeks.

Invisalign is probably the least disruptive way to straighten your teeth because, as the name suggests, they are invisible to the naked eye. Most people probably won’t even know you are wearing them! Another advantage to choosing Invisalign is that the trays are completely removable. On a special occasion, you can’t take metal braces out of your mouth without disrupting the system, but with Invisalign, your life won’t be constantly disrupted by brackets and rubber bands. And because you take out your trays when you eat, you are not limited to what foods you can eat. Invisalign offers freedom and discrete teeth straightening, and while it’s not for everyone, is a great choice for someone who has minor teeth straightening to accomplish.

The process of getting Invisalign is also relatively easy and painless. Your dentist will take a mold of your teeth and create a series of trays that will do all the work for you. Every two weeks or so, you will change to a new tray, transforming your teeth in the way you have always wanted. The process is easy and painless—perfect for a busy person who doesn’t have time for lengthy appointments and exams.

Another reason to choose Invisalign is because the low maintenance treatment process makes it easier to maintain proper dental health. When metal wires and brackets are in the way, it can take up to 30 minutes to properly care you’re your teeth. Because you can take out the trays entirely, you can clean and care for your teeth like you normally do, without any special equipment or extra time.

Risks of Sedation in Pediatric Dentistry

Young Child with toothbrush in mouthFor children, going to the dentist can be scary and stressful. Especially if they are going to undergo a procedure, it can be tempting to ask for them to be sedated to avoid any discomfort they might face in the dentist’s chair. It is, however, the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child’s safety throughout these procedures. Before you ask the dentist to perform sedative dentistry on your child, you should be sure that they are properly trained and are aware of the potential for injury sedative dentistry can have.

“First, if your dentist suggests sedation for any procedure, you should be sure that it is absolutely necessary. Especially if your child has a pre-existing condition, you should talk to their dentist about any risks that may be associated with using sedation or anesthesia,” says pediatric dentist Sacramento – Dr Assuty. Though it is not common practice in the dental industry, just like in any other industry, there will be those seeking to increase profits by performing unnecessary procedures. More than likely, your child will not require sedation for any routine procedures unless they suffer from extreme anxiety or have behavior or physical problems that prevent them from staying still for prolonged amounts of time. Be very wary of dentists who recommend using sedatives on your child when your child does not absolutely need it.

In one unfortunate case, a child passed away as a result of being sedated at the dentist. There is now a foundation in her honor, but Raven Maria Blanco was sedated in an unsafe fashion that resulted in her tragic death. According to the Illinois Board of Dentistry, her dentist had no understanding of conscious sedation— he gave her three times the average dosage.  Blanco has only gone to the dentist to have a few cavities filled and a tooth cap.

In the United States, there is largely no oversight in dental sedation. Guidelines and certification practices vary from state to state, but there is no universal means to ensure that a dentist knows how to properly and safely perform sedation. In addition to an absence of certification for sedation practices in general, sedating a child is more complex and risky. Dentists are sedating children as young as 18-months, which has significant risks for a child so small. There is also potential for injury or death when a dentist does not know about proper sedation skills.

Most importantly, you should talk to your child and your dentist to determine the safest and best plan of action for ensuring the safety of your child. Visit for more information about kid’s dental safety.

What Causes Hair Loss in Women

If you live in a house packed with women, it is impossible for you to not overhear them talk about their hair problems unless you were born deaf. Women would almost always complain about hair loss especially when they’ve just got out of the shower and see a handful of hair stands scattered all over the bathroom’s tiled flooring. As you can see, women pay too much attention to their hair as compared to men; to the point that they would actually splurge over expensive hair products just to make their hair look healthy and shiny.

Unfortunately though, hair loss in women is actually pretty common. Women today would want to know what causes hair loss so that they can find ways on how to avoid this. If you think that you are one of those women who have become exaggeratingly obsessed with your hair, then this article is for you. We will introduce you to the various causes of hair loss in women and we’ll help you find ways on how you can prevent this from occurring.

Hair loss or alopecia, as medical doctors would like to refer it to, is a problem that can greatly affect not only a person’s scalp but also all parts of your body that is capable of growing hair. The causes for such problem may vary, it could be because of heredity, it could be due to powerful medication and therapy or it could be caused by an underlying medical condition. All these contribute to hair loss. So before you go into fits of panic, ask your doctor about your condition so he can make a thorough and elaborate assessment of your health before you jump into conclusions. Normally, you lose over fifty to about a hundred hair strands per day but if you think that you are actually losing more than that and if you can already find bald patches on your scalp, don’t try to self-medicate. Immediately contact your doctor so that a diagnosis can be made and the cause for the hair loss will be addressed.

What to look for in Herbal Supplements that will clear the Skin

There are a wide variety of different skin conditions that people suffer from on a daily basis. While there are a lot of prescriptions that can be prescribed in addition to drug store products, those aren’t the only options. There are herbal supplements available that can soothe the skin and clear it up as well. Since these are all natural they won’t fill the skin with toxins and will heal it in a natural way! If you don’t know what ingredients in supplements to look for, consider these:

1) Olive Leaf.

This is something that can help fight off bacteria from your skin, which is great for removing impurities! There are a lot of supplements out there that have this ingredient in them.

2) Aloe Vera

Most people are familiar with aloe because it’s so effective for soothing sunburns and other skin issues. It’s also great for getting rid of itching if you happen to be dealing with a bug bite or something else that is causing irritation. Aloe Vera has also been commonly used for people who suffer from the skin condition eczema.

3) Red Clover

This is a great ingredient to have in any herbal supplement you take for the skin! It’s full of antioxidants that will remove toxins from the skin. When your skin has fewer toxins in it, it’s going to clear up. This works for everything from eczema to acne and many other chronic skin conditions.

4) Zinc

Zinc is an important ingredient because it helps with the metabolism of fatty acids. If you don’t have enough of this in your body your skin will start to break out or you could suffer from a variety of chronic skin conditions.

There are a lot of really great herbal supplements available that you can take. These are all-natural, good for your body and can help make your skin look amazing!

Learn to Make a Dungeons and Dragons Dice

Dungeons and Dragons is a very popular fantasy role playing game that first appeared in 1974. In 1997, a modern version of the Dungeons and Dragons was published and since then, everybody has turned hysterical about it. The game appeared as derived from popular miniature war games and it is known as being the game that opened the modern role playing games. It is also known as being the game that opened the market for the role playing games industry. Numerous parents love to play the game with their children and to watch their children playing it with their friends. Dungeons and Dragons is the type of game that obliges you to socialize with other people, as it is a role playing game and role playing implies talking to others and being part of a group.

If you are a player of this game, you surely have an entire set of Dungeons and Dragons dice at your disposal. If you lose the dice that came together with the game, it is not necessarily to spend a lot of money on a new set of dice bought from a hobby shop, as you can make the dice by yourself. How can you make the Dungeons and Dragons dice? That is very simple: you need aluminium foil and a certain paint that will be used to customize it. In order to make the dice, you have to first decide how many sides it should have. Then, the piece of aluminium foil should be rolled into a ball. By using a butter knife, the aluminium ball can be shaped into the desired number of faces. The next step is to paint the dice and to mark the numbers of each face with another color. It is very simple to make a Dungeons and Dragons dice at home, so you should try it!

How Electronic Document Management can be Used in your Office

Perhaps you like the idea of doing electronic document management but do not know where to start. Actually it is something you can easily accomplish. This can make a huge difference with the way you store documents and save you money as well! You won’t buy nearly as much paper and won’t be using as much ink throughout the month either. This will make it a whole lot easier to find files on your computer instead of in filing cabinets.

First step.

First, go ahead and take the files out of your cabinets in alphabetic order. Now, go on your computer and put each name in it, making a file for each individual. Once you do this, you will need to scan different papers that are in the files. Once you have these in the computer, attach them to the appropriate files. This is going to take a long time, but it’s the only time you will ever have to do it.

Second step.

Once the papers are scanned, they will be saved forever! Just make sure to back up your computer to save all the files in case something happens to the network. If you have e-mails or files that come in in the future, save them on the computer as well. Since most papers are normally printed, this is going to save you the effort of printing. Go through all files you have until they are gone.

Third step.

Accessing files on the computer is the last step! All you have to do is use a search tool to find the file for the person that you are working with. If you search by last name it will be a lot easier to find them. Electronic filing is something most offices are now doing. You can make your office run so much more smoothly by starting to do this as well! It’s easy to do and will save you time and money in the future.

Benefits of Having 800 Numbers

Companies employ different types of business strategies to attract more customers and increase their sales volume. One of these strategies is a simple procedure that involves introducing a convenient platform that consumers can use to interact with the company. Some businesses prefer to reach out to their target market by conducting surveys while other more savvy establishments introduced 800 numbers to achieve this aim.

What is an 800 number?

An 800 number is a number that consumers can freely call for their inquiries, suggestions, and concerns about the services or products of a company. It is a toll free number, and it gives a company’s target clients to use it without paying anything. So no matter where a consumer is in the country or in the world, he can always get in touch with a company by dialing the 800 number. So if you are a business owner, contact a telephone service provider and get an 800 number.

What are the benefits of having an 800 number?

One of the obvious benefits is that these toll free numbers expand your clientele. Consumers prefer a company that addresses their needs in a prompt manner. With an 800 number, these consumers can tell you what they need so that you can act on them as quickly as you can.

Next, with 800 numbers, you don’t have to personally ask what your target market needs because your customers come to you instead. You don’t have to conduct expensive and tedious surveys just so you can figure out what your target market needs. All you have to do is to wait for these calls and listen.

As a long-term benefit of the above-stated consequences of having an 800 number, you will witness tremendous growth in your business. You will retain your old customers and gain new ones, and this means an increase in sales and profit for you.

What Makes The Best Cookware

Many young people, buying cookware for the first time in their lives, having absolutely no idea what makes the best cookware for their money.  The first thing to know is that you don’t need to go out and buy a whole expensive cookware set at first.  You can probably get started with just a couple basic pots and pans, but it with a few different materials to choose from it can hard to pick.  Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of some of the common cookware materials.

Copper pots and pans are considered by chefs to be the best cookware on the market.  Copper is a great conductor, which means the cookware will heat very evenly, and will do so almost immediately after turning the heat up.  Because of the price, though, most users don’t start with copper.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel cookware is probably the most common type in households.  It’s cheap, but a relatively poor conductor.  Try to get one that has copper in it, too, or you will get hot and cold spots in your pan.

Aluminum is a very common material for cookware because it is cheap and a good conductor.  However, it actually reacts chemically with certain foods, imparting its own metallic flavor into your food!  For this reason, it is commonly paired with other materials.

Cast Iron
Cast iron cookware is considered the preferred way to cook a lot of things by some chefs.  It lasts basically forever and cast iron is a great conductor, but the cookware is very high maintenance.  This cookware actually lasts so long that it’s passed between generations, which is good, because you almost need somebody to teach you take care of it.

In conclusion, copper is probably the material that makes the best cookware, but beginning cooks should probably save money and start off with a couple pieces of stainless steel cookware.

Introduction to Fertility

Fertility can be defined as the nature of a person to be able to bring forth another individual into this world. The same definition applies whether a person is male or female although the roles played in the whole thing are remarkably different. But then there is the problem of infertility. In the traditional setting, when there were no technological advancements as there is today, which have managed to deal with the whole issue, people had to look for other ways of solving the problem. Today a person can be infertile and still be able to have kids although this mostly applies for ladies but that was not the case some time back. The good news at that time was that there were some natural ways of solving the problem. It needed to be corrected for one to be able to get children. For that, the people turned to natural herbs. You can also visit a fertility clinic for even better results.

Property for Sale Parklands Explain why Smaller Homes are in Demand

Property for sale Parklands have provided information on real estate on today’s new set of buyers. As a result, property buyers are now more informed that their chance on having their own property is now a huge achievement for real estate owners. Builders are more interested on building small houses because they believe that first time buyers are certainly visible to the market place today. Regarding the fact that small houses are cheaper than big ones, first time buyers can probably choose among those houses on whatever options they have to makes themselves comfortable and ready to move in. As part of today’s market, the economy has its own set of rules and regulations. Better yet, buyers found out that these contributing factors are more of a fast-changing phenomenon and that it needs to be recognized by the people in order to keep the businesses alive through the concept of regular transactions.

Will Bark Off Stop Your Dog’s Barking Completely?

The question of whether or not Bark Off can stop your dog from barking at all is a rather good one.  The natural inclination is to say that if a dog owner uses the tool effectively, that it can condition a dog to stop barking altogether.  This may be wishful thinking though.  Not all dogs bark, and some bark a lot, but the idea of stopping a dog from barking completely is probably farfetched.

It is likely better to use the tool when it is most needed in order to maintain the effectiveness.  There is always the danger that your dog may become de-conditioned to the ultra high frequency and just won’t care any longer.  Since the frequencies are not supposed to cause any harm or discomfort for your dog, it is feasible that some dogs may just tune it out and go on barking like before.

The best practice is probably to just use the tool when you have house guests, or when you let your dog out at night and don’t want to wake the neighbors.

Affordable Power Spraying

While the Paint Zoom power sprayer may not be an exact copy of the type of equipment a professional painting crew would use, it is pretty close. It may be a little more user friendly than the pro models, which is a fine trade off for most people who just want to get their home painted with a minimal cost and reduced effort.

If you can point and shoot, you can use the Paint Zoom. It comes with everything needed to get the job done in as little time as possible. All you need to do is add in paint and make sure the air compressor is hooked up and you are ready to get your projects done.

Unless you are spraying thousands of gallons every month as a professional painter, there is no reason that the Paint Zoom paint sprayer can’t work fine for whatever projects you may have to complete.

Spin Rewriter: A Powerful Tool for any Writer

If you own a website, you want to fill it with unique content and Spin Rewriter can help you do that without making you write hundreds of articles. You can just take any PLR article and make it original for your website with just a click of your mouse. It has a large collection of more than 750,000 synonyms and spin rewriter can adapt to your writing style. Spinning takes place on paragraph level, sentence or word level, whichever is suitable for you. This spinning software can be used on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer and even on your phone. Your new articles can be distributed with your favorite submission software. Take advantage of their 50% off limited offer and you don’t have to spend hours writing content to your websites anymore. This time is spent much better working on your projects and developing new money making ideas. Try it out for free for five days, and you can see what I’m talking about.

Charles Olson – His Life and Works

Charles Olson was born and raised in Worcester, Massachussetts, where his father was a mailman.  As a child he would spend summers on the coast in Gloucester, which went on to become the focus of one of his most important works “The Maximus Poems” – a series of poems written between 1953 to 1975 which secured him his place in literary history.  During his high school years he was recognized as being an excellent orator and  won a tour of Europe as a prize for his skills.

Charles Olson
had diverse interests and experiences, which may explain why he didn’t publish his first work until his mid-thirties.  After studying American civilization at University, he worked for the Democratic Party during the Second World War.  He was offered significant Government posts but withdrew suddenly from politics to focus exclusively on writing.  His first  book was published in 1947 and was entitled “Call Me Ishmael”.  It  was a study of “Moby-Dick” by Herman Melville and became highly acclaimed.  He started writing poetry in the early 1950s and some of his early work included “The Kingfishers”, “In Cold Hell” and “Thicket”.

In 1948 he was persuaded to take on a temporary teaching position at Black Mountain College, North Carolina,  and proved himself to be an extremely effective teacher.  He returned there in 1951 to take over the position of rector, where he remained  until the College closed in 1956.

Charles Olson then returned to Gloucester where he devoted most of his time to “The Maximus Poems” which he had started during the 1950s.  At this time he lived – by choice – in relative isolation and poverty.

He accepted a teaching position at the University of Connecticut, but became stricken by cancer.  He  died a month after completing his epic work “The Maximus Poems”, just after his fifty-ninth birthday.  Charles Olson did not see himself as a poet or an author, but described himself as “an archeologist of morning”.